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Skin Care After Resurfacing

One of the best pieces of advice given by our mothers is to start early on a healthy skin care routine. Whether you are warding off the signs of aging and sun damage, or you are addressing such concerns in their early stages, you can benefit a great deal from the non-invasive light, laser, and […]

Kybella: Non-Invasive Double Chin Treatment

Are you bothered by the appearance of a “double chin”, but not ready to try surgery? Suria Plastic Surgery has recently introduced Kybella™, a new non-surgical treatment for “submental fullness”, commonly called the double chin. According to a 2014 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), over 2/3 of consumers are bothered by […]

ThermiVA: Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVA in South Florida: Thermi, a women’s wellness company whose mission is to reclaim, restore and revive, recently introduced ThermiVA to address an area of a woman’s body, which is not always easy to talk about. ThermiVA is a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment for women who desire to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have […]

Anti-Aging Event

We would like to thank everyone who came out for our wine tasting event the other night! Dr. Nathan gave a great lecture on anti-aging to a full house. Among other topics, Dr. Nathan discussed the latest developments with Voluma and Kybella. We will post additional information about these exciting anti-aging developments soon.     #suria […]

May 2015 Newsletter

~ What’s the #1 Cosmetic Procedure Your Friends are Keeping Secret? ~ Smooth Skin & ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation View this email in your browser Smooth, wrinkle-free skin like you’ve never seen before! And…What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?   If you’ve never tried Dysport, now is the time.   Enjoy up to $270 off!   Seeing is Believing […]

Facial Rejuvenation in Fort Lauderdale

Have you looked in the mirror and felt dissatisfaction with certain aspects of your face and neck? Do you keep telling yourself that you need to improve your appearance? Are you unclear about exactly what to do? In the below video, Dr. Shashi Kusuma describes his comprehensive approach to Facial Rejuvenation: When patients ask Dr. […]

ThermiSmooth for the Working Person

Suria Plastic Surgery recently introduced the rejuvenating technology of Thermi to patients in South Florida. Watch our Skin Care Specialist and Aesthetician, Luz Jesserum, describe and demonstrate the quick and non-invasive nature of ThermiSmooth for the working person: Suria Plastic Surgery – ThermiSmooth from On Set Media on Vimeo.

Introducing ThermiTight

In its ongoing effort to provide the most effective and convenient aesthetic options to its patients, Suria Plastic Surgery is the first plastic surgery office in the area to offer ThermiTight™, an FDA-approved treatment to help reverse the signs of aging. If surgery is not the best option, ThermiTight™ is an ideal solution for addressing […]

truSculpt: Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

Dr. Kusuma and the Suria Plastic Surgery Team recognize that many patients are looking for comfortable, non-invasive ways to improve their appearance and self image with minimal recovery time or life interruption. That’s why Suria Plastic Surgery is among the first South Florida practices to offer truSculpt, a non-invasive technology to deliver customized treatments to […]

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