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Farewell Message from Dr. Mayl

Dr. Nathan Mayl is now retired! Dr. Shashi Kusuma not only continues to manage the care of his own patients, but going forward, that of Dr. Mayl’s patients.

Dr. Mayl’s “Farewell Announcement” and “Reflections on Leaving The Practice” are listed below. We wish him nothing but the best and we’ll certainly miss him around here!

Farewell Announcement:

“I have embarked on the next chapter of my life. I leave the practice with full confidence in and enthusiasm for the future of Suria Plastic Surgery. My patients will continue to experience the highest standard of care from Dr. Kusuma and his Team!”

Reflections on Leaving The Practice have to include a group of “Thanks”:

• Thanks to my patients: Their support throughout 40 years of practice has been truly fantastic. I have patients and families that have remained with me for all this time and those that rushed to join when I announced my impending retirement. We have shared much together from the delight of a young girl’s life being transformed after a Rhinoplasty, to tragedy from an incurable Melanoma and everything in between. I am grateful for the many laughs throughout my office and operative days. While Plastic Surgery is serious, it also is fun for all of us.

• Thanks to the fantastic staff that I joined at Suria as well as Kim, Lisa, and Luz who came with me. This allowed a familiar face for my patient’s and maintenance of our exceptional standards of care. They all have been of consistent help throughout this past year of preparation for retirement.

• Thanks that my patients will be looked after by Dr. Kusuma who is truly a great Plastic Surgeon. He has fabulous credentials and the best experience to go with it. We have spent this past year familiarizing each other with each other’s “style”. We share what is needed in a Plastic Surgeon – a struggle to achieve perfection, a need for artistry and curiosity, concern for patients no matter what their background, and giving back through charity. This will greatly enhance my patients ongoing experience.

• Thanks for the maintenance of my patient records: Suria and Dr. Kusuma will safeguard patient’s records. This will allow more personal care and more accurate care when they return. Dr. Kusuma is also on staff now at Imperial Point Hospital which also gives him access to patient records that would be kept there.

• And a final Thanks, because I can rest easy that I have been able to and can honestly say to my many patients who have visited me, stopped me on the street, called me, sent me cards and e-mails and expressed that they were suffering “separation anxiety”. Also, because I am comfortable that they are now in a brand new specialized Plastic Surgery Office, are looked after by a great staff, including faces that have been familiar for years, and have the benefit of Dr. Kusuma who has a long career in front of him.

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