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Introducing ThermiTight

In its ongoing effort to provide the most effective and convenient aesthetic options to its patients, Suria Plastic Surgery is the first plastic surgery office in the area to offer ThermiTight™, an FDA-approved treatment to help reverse the signs of aging.

If surgery is not the best option, ThermiTight™ is an ideal solution for addressing loose skin on the lower face, arms, neck, and tummy. ThermiTight™ uses radiofrequency to heat fat cells that are then excreted.

4 Reasons to try ThermiTight:

  • It targets the sagging skin of lower face, neck, arms tummy, which up until now, have required surgery to address.
  • The treatment is accomplished in one session and the results are seen in a matter of weeks.
  • Your results will continue to improve over the course of the first year, as new collagen growth is stimulated in the treated areas.
  • This new technology is safe, comfortable and effective.

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