Breast Lift with Augmentation

Breast Lift Augmentation | Suria Plastic Surgery

What is Breast Lift with Augmentation?

In some instances our patients may find a breast augmentation or a breast lift alone will not provide their desired results. A breast lift with an augmentation is a surgical procedure that will elevate the breast while reshaping them giving a fuller and firmer natural appearance.

Benefits of breast lift with implants

It’s normal for the breasts to sag as you grow older. The breasts, like the rest of the body, tend to sag with age. The sagging can be exacerbated by childbirth, genetics, stretch marks on the breast skin, weight gain, and weight loss.

Augmenting while lifting the breast often solves the following concerns:

  • sagging or ‘hanging’ breasts
  • loss of fullness in the top portion of breasts
  • loss of shape and volume
  • stretch marks on the breasts
  • asymmetry of one or both breasts

Breast Lift with Augmentation procedure

To improve the shape, the breast will be elevated and the nipple and areola will be relocated, they are not removed at any time throughout this process. A breast implant will also be used to reshape and add volume to the breast. Any excess skin will be removed where the incision has been made. A lollipop incision will be used during this procedure. This is a combination of a few different incision; periareolar (around the areola), inframammary (through the fold of the breast), and vertical (from the areola to the breast fold). For this procedure patients can undergo general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia. Twilight anesthesia is an IV sedation anesthesia in addition to a local anesthetic. A breast lift with an augmentation will take 2-4 hours to complete.

Breast Lift with augmentation before and after

Breast lift with augmentation | Suria Plastic Surgery FL

Breast Lift with implants recovery

You’ll likely have swelling and soreness four to six weeks. If you have opted for a pain pump, you’ll be wearing it for 2 to 5 days following your surgery to help miminize post-op pain. You will have a few follow- up appoointments with your doctor to ensure proper placement of the implant and positive recovery. The drains will be removed during your first post-up visit.

You may have some swelling and tenderness for 4 to 6 weeks.

Will I need a second surgery?

The results from a breast lift procedure may last forever; however this may vary depending on the patient’s skin texture and elasticity. It is recommended by the FDA that breast implants should be replaced every 10 years and a MRI be administered every two years. A follow up with a physician and the surgeon should be done yearly.

Breast lift augmentation Risk

Like with any other surgery possible risk and complications include:

  • infection
  • poor scarring
  • seroma (accumulation of fluid)
  • implant issues (wrinkling, leakage, rupture)
  • capsular contracture
  • asymmetry
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