Fractionated CO2 Laser Treatment (Ablative)

Prolonged sun exposure may cause facial aging, which can lead to premature wrinkling, dyschromias (brown spots), and irregular skin texture. Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing can help to rejuvenate the skin by reducing the signs of aging and sun damage. These treatments will produce healthier younger looking skin by targeting the damaged areas. Fractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing is considered to be one of the most effective treatments available for skin rejuvenation. It can produce an overall improvement of the skin’s tightness and texture, while reducing the formation of wrinkles and pigments abnormalities. In most cases a topical anesthetic is required for this procedure, but some patients may prefer to undergo a light sedation. Most laser treatments are performed in our office and will take up to 30 minutes to complete. However this may vary depending on the degree of treatment needed.

Areas of Use

Fractionated CO2 laser can be used to resurface all areas of the body. However, they are most commonly used on areas of the face to help reduce acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation abnormalities.

Expected Recovery

Once the treatment has been completed our patients are able to return home. Before leaving the office our team of specialists will explain how to care for your newly resurfaced skin. There are specific medical grade products that will be recommended to expedite the healing process. A few days after treatment the skin will begin peeling, this may continue for up to one week. After the skin has stopped peeling it is critical to protect the skin from the sun, we suggest wearing sunscreen at all times. Results may vary; some are immediate after the skin has peeled while others may take up to three months. During this three-month period the collagen is being remodeled throughout the dermis layer of the skin.

Duration of the Effect

Fractionated CO2 laser treatments may last many years if well maintained with a skin care specialist. Results may vary depending on patient’s skin type; in some case more than one treatment may be necessary.

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