Doctors and nutritionists have long extolled the benefits of vitamin B-12 on the body. Normally found in only plant life, B-12 helps the body perform vital functions for maintenance and daily function. Unfortunately, one in every three men and women do not get enough vitamin B-12 in their diet, which can lead to a dangerous deficiency. Low levels of B-12 in the body can result in anemia and even nerve damage! Even low levels of B-12 can result in malaise and fatigue, which can also result in weight gain.

Thanks to medical science, however, men and women can get a proper dose of B-12 in just minutes. Suria Plastic Surgery and Medspa have begun offering an injectable solution of vitamin B-12 at an affordable price. Through a simple procedure which takes only minutes, a doctor or medspa technician injects a solution of B-12 under the skin. Once introduced into the bloodstream, the B-12 solution flows through the entire body. Results are immediate: patients report feeling a burst of energy within minutes of receiving a B-12 dose. B-12 injections also insure that virtually the entire dose of the nutrient gets absorbed by the body. Taking oral supplements like multivitamins filters B-12 through the digestive process. Depending on the supplement formulation, little to none of the drug gets absorbed into the bloodstream, and thus, patients can remain B-12 deficient, even when imbibing high levels of the vitamin.

Vitamin B-12 also provides an essential function in the production of red blood cells, which gives the nutrient a direct effect on the aging process. Low levels of B-12 can hinder the body in healing from injuries, including everyday wear and tear like sun damage to the face. B-12 injections promote healthy nerve function, and have direct benefits for the brain. For that reason, B-12 is a vital supplement for senior citizens, and aids in brain and memory health. B-12 acts as a protector for genes, preventing damage over a lifetime. A person B-12 deficient runs the risk of accelerating the aging process, and has a higher risk for illnesses like cardiovascular disease and even cancer. A simple B-12 injection assures patients that their body performs at optimum levels, refreshing the body with an appropriate dose.

At Suria Plastic Surgery and Medspa, B-12 injections start at the low price of $25, and a treatment takes only minutes to administer. Patients report few, if any, side effects. The need for repeat treatment varies from patient to patient, so men and women receiving B-12 shots should always consult with a doctor or trained medspa technician. The benefits of proper B-12 balance in the body can help prevent aging or future illness, promoting proper health for life.