Stop Sweaty Armpits (Hyperhidrosis)

Sweating only becomes a problem if it becomes excessive or occurs for absolutely no reason. These problems are caused by a medical condition caused hyperhidrosis. While sweaty armpits are normal after intense activity or a lot of time spent in the heat, they can be a constant reality for people with hyperhidrosis. If this sounds like you, Suria Plastic Surgery and Medspa & Laser Center can help you say goodbye to sweaty armpits once and for all.

While excessive sweating can occur nearly anywhere on the body, it most commonly occurs from the armpits. Excessive sweating in the underarms is called axillary hyperhidrosis. Since it can be almost impossible to hide extremely sweaty armpits, axillary hyperhidrosis can be a very embarrassing condition. Nobody wants to lift their arms to reveal a huge sweat stain on the underarm section of their shirt. It is also likely that you will feel some discomfort from having a pool of sweat sitting under your arms and running down your body. Luckily, there are many ways you can combat this problem.

Remedies for Sweaty Arm Pits

A strong antiperspirant is the first thing many people use to try to reduce excessive underarm sweat. The over-the-counter antiperspirants are likely not going to be strong enough to curb your axillary hyperhidrosis, so you will want to try a prescription antiperspirant. The medication will be applied directly to the armpits every night before going to bed. You should notice a reduction in your underarm sweat throughout the day, but there may be some mild irritation on your armpits.

If the antiperspirants are not able to fix your sweaty armpits, then you may want to look into BOTOX® injections. While BOTOX® is primarily known for eliminating wrinkles and fine lines on the face, it is also very effective at treating excessive sweating. The treatment will involve getting several injections in each armpit. The entire process will only take a few minutes with almost no discomfort. These injections are known to reduce sweating by nearly 50 percent in most patients. The excellent results will last for approximately six months, so you will need to schedule regular appointments to maintain the results the rest of your life.

There is absolutely no reason to go through life with embarrassingly sweaty armpits when the problem is so easy to fix. Undergoing one of the simple treatment options for axillary hyperhidrosis will drastically eliminate your sweating and let you live a normal life. If you are interested in using BOTOX to conquer your hyperhidrosis for good, the experts at Suria Plastic Surgery and Medspa & laser Center can help you find out if it is right for you.