Summer may have come and gone, but for men and women who like looking good, aesthetic goals for next summer have already come into focus. On the beach or by the pool, unwanted hair can become an embarrassing nuisance. For men, hair on the back and shoulders can make them look slovenly. Women wanting to look young and healthy have to contend with shaving legs, underarms and even the bikini line. For years, men and women wanting to get rid of unwanted hair had no choice but to turn to imperfect treatments. Shaving can inflame sensitive skin, and stubble can begin to show within a matter of hours. Depilatories can also irritate the skin, and cause ingrown hairs. Waxing can cause a tremendous amount of pain.

Thank goodness for modern medical science! In 1998 dermatologists developed a new technology that can remove hair with minimal side effects, and can do so for good! Trained professionals perform laser hair removal in the comfort of a medspa or dermatologist’s office. The process entails a specially-calibrated laser that targets the melanin in hair follicles. The heat of the laser destroys the hair follicle, causing a permanent reduction in hair.

Laser hair removal begins to show immediate results. Dermatologists generally recommend several treatments to reduce hair in a given area for thorough follicle reduction. Lighter skinned people with dark hair tend to yield the best results, though laser hair removal is approved for all types of skin and hair. The process varies in treatment time depending on the area getting treated. Laser hair removal is approved for all parts of the body, including the groin and face.

Though a safe process, laser hair removal should always be administered by a dermatologist or trained medspa technician in a clinical setting. Side effects can include pain during treatment, so dermatologists might apply a numbing cream to the affected area. In some cases, swelling or acne can occur after treatment, though both usually subside within about two to three days. Shedding of hair occurs over a two to three week period, so patients should plan to space out their treatment appointments accordingly. Dermatologists usually recommend at least seven treatments for best results. Treatment price varies from area to area, so patients should consult with their preferred aesthetic facility to inquire about cost.

Men and women frustrated by embarrassing, unwanted hair needn’t worry any longer! Laser hair removal offers a safe, affordable, effective way of eliminating unwanted hair for good.