Abdominoplasty: Planning for a Stress-Free Recovery

Tummy Tuck | dr. kusuma suria plastic surgery plantation flThere may be several reasons for the change in body shape. For many women, motherhood leads to significant laxity in abdominal muscles and the skin across the midsection. Weight loss, as well, can cause this concern for men as well as women. At Suria Plastic Surgery, patients from around the country can consult with experienced surgeons about abdominoplasty, the leading procedure for midsection tightening.

Experts tell us that realistic expectations are the key to a successful outcome from plastic surgery. We couldn’t agree more. In addition to informing our patients about the surgical procedure itself, and about the results that can be achieved for them, we also think that it is important to know what to expect during recovery, and how to make this a stress-free journey.

Tips for Tummy Tuck Recovery:

  • Rest as much as your body tells you it wants to. During the first several days, medication and the physical stress of surgery may cause you to sleep much of the time.
  • Keep pain medications nearby, and take them as prescribed. Many people have an aversion to taking prescription pain-killers. However, this is not a time for heroics; it is a time to heal without the constant stress of pain, https://www.pharmacybc.com/xanax-alprazolam/. Fill prescriptions BEFORE your surgery day.
  • Make a special place in your home where you can rest comfortably. Fill the space with whatever makes you feel good. This could be music, light, books, movies (no comedies!), flowers, and lots of fluffy pillows. You will be limited in your mobility, so have entertainment ready to keep you from boredom.
  • Stock the fridge with healthy snacks and beverages. Actually, you should drink water more than any other beverage. But your doctor may approve the occasional cup of tea or coffee. Carbonated beverages are a no-no. They can cause you to feel bloated. Healthy dishes can be made ahead of time so your temporary caretaker has to do nothing more than heat your meals. Of course you could also request that they be served on a silver platter!

The team at Suria Plastic Surgery is here to help you prepare for your procedure. For a consultation, call (954) 472-8355.

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