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photofractional skin resurfacing Plantation, FL

What You Need to Know About Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is not new. The original method used to rejuvenate aging skin was developed several years ago. Back then, laser technology had yet to be refined to the extent it is now. Laser skin resurfacing often meant looking like you had been badly burned, and needing to be very careful to avoid infection […]

Non-Surgical Treatments Plantation, FL

An Inventive Approach to Aging

Throughout history, anti-aging treatments have been popular, though their methods have changed over time. Today, it is common to turn to surgical lifting procedures as well as injectables, lasers, and other innovative modalities to correct the lines and wrinkles, the sagging, and other issues that age the face. What if we were to take all […]

The Other Side of Vaginal Rejuvenation

The problems that a woman faces as her body ages have not changed a whole lot over time. What is different today is that we are more open to discussion about what ails us, what makes us feel less like ourselves than we’d like. Vaginal atrophy is an example of such a problem. It isn’t […]

Cheek augmentation Plantation, FL

What Jowls have to do with Your Cheeks

One of the prominent changes that occur on the aging face is softening along the jawline. When this happens, the chin can take on a “turkey neck” type of appearance. On a man’s face, the softened jawline can make the chin appear weak and the face rather feminine. Jowls are a problem for both men […]

Breast Augmentation Plantation, FL

What to Know about Natural Breast Augmentation

Beautiful breasts. To have them means something different to all women. We now see this played out in real life more than ever. Not every woman is striving to enlarge her breasts to a size that doesn’t fit her frame. When breast augmentation is desired, more and more women are approaching their treatment with very […]

Skin Treatments & Services Plantation, FL

Don’t Forget Your Skin!

Looking and feeling beautiful go hand-in-hand with a strong sense of self. This is true among men and women of a very wide age range. While there are certain concerns that we routinely address with injectable solutions, lasers, and cosmetic surgery, there is a lot of benefits to remember the value of healthy skin. Healthy […]

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