Are You Accidentally Aging Your Skin?

Medical Skin Care  Fort Lauderdale, FLAging is something that is going to happen whether we like it or not. We’ve largely come to accept this as fact. However, we have also developed several strategies to offset the effects of biological aging. There has never been a better time to be an aging adult because, today, we’ve got procedures and products that can make us look younger if we so choose. We also have knowledge, and that may be our super-power.

Through several years of study, research has pinpointed more than a few factors related to premature aging. One of them is beyond our control, and that is our genetic makeup. We can look back through our family tree to get an idea of how we may age, but little can be done to reduce the genetic factor of aging. Fortunately, the more we know what the other factors of aging are, the more power we have to avoid them. Here, we want to discuss some of the ways that we age entirely by accident.

Too much sun.

Sunlight provides us with the vitamin D that the body needs, so we don’t want to avoid exposure altogether. In our sunny part of the world, the sunshine comes calling more often than not, and we naturally want to take advantage of it. However, the more we do, the more we are aging our skin. UV exposure needs to be offset by the proper use of broad-spectrum sunscreen. Even if you’re only heading out for a walk with your pup, you need to cover up. Otherwise, UV damage occurs, robbing you of vital collagen.

Too little sleep.

We don’t just need quality sleep so we can think clearly during the day; we also need sleep to stay healthy and vibrant, One of the functions that happens primarily when we sleep is the production of specific growth factors. These growth factors hold special power to assist with the repair of damaged DNA. Cortisol, a stress-related chemical, also declines when we sleep. Since cortisol attacks collagen and collagen is an essential building block to supple, firm skin, we want to do all we can to reduce it. It doesn’t get much easier than getting a good night’s sleep.

Too many nightcaps.

The societal perception of alcohol consumption has changed in recent years. The fact that we can now order certain types of spirits on Amazon and have them delivered in about an hour is a testament to our openness about alcohol consumption. We have nothing against the occasional nightcap or glass of wine with dinner. However, we have to point to research and say that alcohol is definitely a factor in premature aging. The primary reason is that alcohol has a diuretic effect and, without sufficient hydration, the skin dries and thins and wrinkles.

We encourage our patients to practice good habits that will help them age gracefully. Additionally, we offer safe and effective treatments to correct the various signs of aging. To learn more about injectables, laser treatments, and surgical facial rejuvenation, call (954) 472-8355.

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