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Want More Out Of Sex? Ask us about Cliovana!

Good sex and feeling good about sex helps give us better overall wellbeing at all ages, especially once we get into our late 40’s. For many years the medical focus and science has been focused on male sexual dysfunction. Now we have cutting edge technology from Cliovana to address female issues that are becoming less taboo every day. We believe that satisfying sex is key at any age.

How Cliovana can help you

Clioavana was created with the specific intention to increase female orgasm and frequency of orgasms as well as the intensity. Cliovana focuses solely on the clitoris, the only organ in the human body that is dedicated specifically to your sexual pleasure.

Cliovana is completely non-invasive

Cliovana is a quick, simple, non-invasive treatment that utilizes sound wave technology to increase orgasms at the cellular level. CLiovana Boosts the cell regeneration process in the genitals and around the clitoris that in turn results in improved blood flow to the area, specifically the clitoris. No lasers, no scalpels, no downtime!

The Cliovana Treatment Is Now Available In South Florida

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70% Of Women Don’t Orgasm During Sex!

There’s a huge gap between what women want and need from sex, and what they actually get from sex. Recent studies show that 60% of women aren’t satisfied with their sex lives and that during male-female sex, 70% of women don’t orgasm. If are wondering why you don’t have as many orgasms as you used to or possibly could have, or if you’re experiencing less intense orgasms, Cliovana can help.

Sexual Dysfunction Cycle Before Cliovana

Before Cliovana Treatment

Sexual Dysfunction After Cliovana

After Cliovana Treatment

Who is Cliovana For? Every Woman, That’s Who!

There are many possible reasons why you might be experiencing lower arousal and lessened normal sexual response to stimulation. The great news is that a Cliovana treatment form Suria Women’s Health can help improve your sexual health and help you have stronger, more frequent orgasms. After all, there are many physical reasons why women find themselves asking ‘why can’t I orgasm like I used to?’ Cliovana can help you get back to having a more satisfying, fulfilling sex life for not only you but also your partner!

We offer Cliovana in Florida at both our locations. You can get treated with Cliovana in Boca Raton, and we also have a Cliovana treatment available in our Plantation Florida Office as well.