Our Philosophy & Vision


World-Class Care In A Community Setting
A premium surgical center and a center of excellence are both products of exceptional people. Our team is collaborative, experienced, innovative, communicative, accountable, and always on the cutting edge of surgical care. Our team of professionals will treat each patient as an individual and develop treatment plans that suit that particular individual’s needs. The approach should never be a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all method. Our team practices excellent standard of care and continuously strive to improve on a daily basis. The objective is to obtain optimal outcomes for each and every patient.

Our vision and passion at Suria Plastic Surgery is to be such a center of excellence. With the educational background, exceptional training, and surgical experience we are dedicated to developing such a center of excellence here in South Florida. Plastic surgery is a field that allows a skilled surgeon to combine science with art, technology with technical ability, and passion with creativity. We strive to embody all of these features in our practice on a daily basis. Our surgeons are perfectionists by nature, and always strive to achieve the optimal result for any situation.

Our practice has a ‘patient-centered’ approach to plastic surgery, delivering compassionate care through enhanced communication with patients. We understand surgery is as much physical as it is emotional, while treating the whole patient.

Our team is vested in the long-term outcomes of our patients. We aim to establish life-long care of our patients; and take pride in developing long-term relationships and lasting outcomes for everyone who comes through our door. Our surgeons and staff follow up with all our patients very closely and are always available.

In these confusing times when there are marketing claims made on a daily basis as to the superiority of a particular technology, product or technique, we rely on science, peer reviewed research, and validation of technologies, products and techniques. We believe in educating patients with accurate information, and do not profess unsubstantiated claims. A large part of your consultation is spent on patient education, so that surgeon and patient may decide together on the appropriate course of action for your desired outcome.