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Brow Lift | Fort Lauderdale FLThere really aren’t very many age-related changes that do not bring up certain concerns. There are consequences that come with the aging process, from aching joints to fine lines and wrinkles. The up-side to aging in today’s society is that there are a myriad of lifestyle habits and aesthetic services that can minimize their reach into how well we look and feel. At Suria Plastic Surgery, we often consult with patients about their concerns related to facial aging. Specifically, the appearance of the upper face.

Here, we will take a look at two common ways that the eyes can be revived: Botox and brow-lifting.
One of the biggest points of conversation related to the aging brows and eyes is why one would want to do anything about it. We get older; the face gets older. It’s just a fact of life, right? Well, the thing about concerns related to the aging brows and eyes is that, as the brow falls and the upper eyelids take on more bulk, it changes the perception others may have of us. Studies show that heavy eyelids and drooping brows make a person seem tired, angry, and unfriendly. Therefore, resolving these issues could keep a person in harmony with their true, friendly nature.

Botox or Brow Lift: Which to Choose
Botox Cosmetic is an FDA-approved aesthetic treatment that has been routinely used since 2002. A few injections of this solution inhibits the reception of nerve signals in the treated muscles. Over just a few days, greater relaxation in overused muscles results in smoother, younger looking skin. Most people associate Botox and other neuromodulators with a reduction in crow’s feet and frown lines. The muscle-relaxing effects, however, are also advantageous for the person whose brows have started to sag. Treatment works on the same premise, only it is the muscle that pulls the brow down that is relaxed, allowing these features to move back upward, where they belong.

There are a few ways in which the surgical brow lift may be performed, and the procedure is tailored to the individual in order to achieve a natural look. After a thorough consultation, a treatment plan is developed to include the removal of excess skin on the forehead, which raises the brows and also smoothes horizontal lines. A brow lift may also tighten underlying muscle tissue, if needed.

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