Brazilian Butt Lift: How to Get Through Recovery

Brazilian Butt Lift Fort Lauderdale | Butt lift Plantation FLNot every woman craves a J. Lo or Kim K. derriere. The trend in oversized backsides may be dwindling as more women express an interest in truly natural-looking curves. That being said, there is still a great deal of interest in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. This process of sliming and plumping is an all-natural way to refine the proportions of the body. We do not see an end to that trend.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery offers significant benefits to women (and men) who picture themselves with more padding back there. It also offers a decent recovery, which can feel intimidating to some patients. Here, we want to work through the first month of BBL recovery, specifically related to sitting and to resume normal activities.

The First Four Weeks

One of the most important experiences a patient should prepare for is a brief bout with the blues. That’s right. Although there is a lot to look forward to (um, a new body!), surgery can be taxing. There are bruises. There may be slight drainage from access points where fat cells have been harvested with liposuction. There will be stiffness and soreness and just plain fatigue. Knowing that there may be an emotional response to the, albeit desired, change, a patient is better prepared for her recovery.

Now on to the matter of sitting. If you have researched Brazilian Butt Lift at all, you have likely seen that you cannot sit for 2 to 3 weeks after this surgery. This is why . . .

Fat cells are taken from the thighs, hips, or another area. They are then introduced via injections into the buttocks in a way that adds perfect contouring. We want these fat cells to stay where they are, and to live a long, healthy life. This means they need to integrate. Naturally, some of these cells will die off. Ensuring that they have optimum circulation gives them a better chance at acclimating to their new home. Direct pressure would stand in the way of this. So, no sitting. And no sleeping on your back,

What to do?

Sitting is not particularly difficult after a Brazilian Butt Lift; patients can use a donut, or circular, shaped cushion that will alleviate pressure from the buttocks and place in on the thighs. It’s pretty simple. Exercise should be limited to walking as tolerated. Brief excursions from room to room may be all one can do in the beginning, but this will gradually increase as the week’s pass. Finally, squatting and more strenuous exercise will most likely have to wait until 5 to 6 weeks post-op.

Better to be kind to the healing booty than risk losing its plump new padding. To learn more about BBL surgery, call our Plantation, FL office at (954) 472-8355.

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