Breast Procedures Aren’t Always About Bigger Is Better

Breast Reduction | Suria Plastic SurgeryBreast procedures have led the pack among cosmetic surgeries for several years, with breast augmentation at the top of the list. For the most part, it is common knowledge that many women with smaller breasts would like to be a little more filled-out, so to speak. Jokes have been made among women with small breasts and those with large breasts: “If only you could give me a bit of what you have.”

The frustrations regarding breast size do not always revolve around wishing to go bigger. We are meeting more and more women whose primary request is “make me smaller, please!” Smaller breasts are in, but there is more to breast reduction than staying on trend. Here, we will discuss some of the important benefits a woman has to gain when she rids herself of excess breast tissue.


When you think of breast procedures and confidence, the aspect that comes to mind is how a woman may feel about her body. According to studies, women who have a healthy body-image before breast surgery feel even more confident after achieving a preferred shape. When we’re looking at breast reduction, there’s more to this story.

Women with large breasts often have to tolerate unsolicited and unwelcomed attention from others. Men may stare or make unflattering remarks. Women may do the same. For the woman receiving all of this attention, the matter of breast size may become embarrassing. This can lead to some protective steps, such as dressing in a manner that does not suit personality. More on that in a minute. The point here is that a woman may lose more than she thinks when she undergoes breast reduction and losing the unwanted attention can be a huge gain.

Style Preferences

The fact that breast reduction can open all the right doors regarding style preferences is no secret. Large breasts may mean no tank-tops, at least not without those unwanted stares. Body shape may dictate the ease with which bras may be found or tops. It may inhibit complete body confidence due to limitations in personal style. It is wonderful to see the joy our patients feel when they can dress for their personality and not for their breast size.

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