The Cosmetic Surgery Procedures that Create the Most Smiles

It is no secret that having cosmetic surgery can make you smile more. Not because your smile has been made more attractive, but because you feel better about the way you look. It has been well-documented that people who undergo cosmetic surgery don’t actually gain self-confidence (if it wasn’t already there). When body image is good, what a cosmetic procedure does is make it stronger – and that is something to smile about.

So is there a procedure that beats out all others in terms of patient satisfaction? The answer would have to be no. Every person who seeks out cosmetic surgery does so for very personal reasons. Their response to a rejuvenated face or refined body is related to their own goals. That being said, we can look at a few procedures that get consistently high ratings from patients across the board.


The favored breast procedure, according to research, is breast augmentation. We can see this in the number of procedures that are performed yearly. It is also reflected in the 97% Worth It rating seen on RealSelf.

The intent of breast augmentation with appropriate implants is to add volume, yes; but not just that. Breast augmentation is performed with the objective of refining the entire proportions of the body. Even slightly larger breast size gives the illusion of a slimmer waist and narrower hips. Additional improvements that are achievable with breast augmentation include better symmetry and projection, also tailored to body type.


Of the various body procedures available today, it may come as no surprise that liposuction is favored. Like techniques for breast implants, the method used for fat reduction has also advanced to improve safety and efficacy. The inclusion of anesthetic medication in tumescent fluid enhances comfort to such an extent that smaller areas can be treated without general anesthesia, visit Patients are normally able to resume light activity in a matter of days, and are back to work within a week to two weeks. Though residual swelling may diminish over several months, results of liposuction begin to appear right away.


The facelift still rules among those who want to turn back the clock on facial aging. The Worth It rating for this procedure is 96%, indicative of the results that can be achieved by restoring proper draping to the superficial tissue on the midface and forehead. The facelift procedures that are performed today are far less aggressive in the extent of tightening that occurs. The goal is to recreate a youthful aesthetic without affecting the natural vibe of facial contouring.

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