Treating your New Body Well

Body Procedures Plantation, FL | Suria Plastic SurgeryCosmetic treatments that are centered on refining the contours of the abdomen or nearby areas have been widely popular for many years. Liposuction and even non-surgical fat-reducing treatments continue to show up on the list of leading procedures each year, even though these procedures are also something contentious. There is no doubt that body contouring works. The question is whether or not results can be maintained long term.

They can.

Body contouring is often the first step in a new life with a new and improved body. We know that it is inherently easy to slip right back into the same old eating habits that caused weight gain, so we offer patients of our Plantation plastic surgery practice the support they need. Here, we dive into some really simple changes you can make to treat your new body well.

Mindfulness is the Name of the Game

  • Mindful eating. What does it mean to eat well? Does it mean measuring every ounce of food in each meal? Does it mean avoiding carbs at all costs? Here’s the problem with a lot of the common schools of thought about weight management: they lead to a sense of deprivation, and you know what that means. Put an end to yo-yo dieting by paying close attention to what your body wants to eat. Add more leafy greens and crunchy vegetables to your plate and then see just how much more your taste buds perk up!
  • Mindful action. Exercise can become a chore very quickly if the end-goal is the only motivation. Humans are wired for fun and pleasure! Accept that fact and make the most of it by exploring the types of physical activity that get you excited. Hot yoga may be the latest trend, but if what your heart desires is to be outdoors, consider taking up hiking or biking. If walking is your thing, then do it. Isn’t that the whole point?
  • Mindful living. One of the biggest culprits to weigh gain is stress. Without mindfulness, stress can very discreetly lead to unhealthy habits. Maybe you reach for cookies when what you want is some comfort. Learning your triggers and your vices can be one of the best things you do for your weight management program,

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