Breast Implants or Fat Injections: Which is Right for You?

Breast Augmentation Fort Lauderdale | Plantation FLKnowing that you’d like to have larger breasts is one thing. Deciding to do something about this is another; an important step that begins with that one big choice. From the moment that decision is made, there are several small choices that will follow. It used to be that a patient’s primary choice was whether to enlarge the breasts with saline or silicone implants. Now, we not only have multiple implant types, but we also have the opportunity to achieve an all-natural breast augmentation using fat.

The idea of natural breast augmentation has gained steam over the past several years as fat grafting has become more commonplace. There are, in fact, benefits to this method of enhancing the breasts. There are also limitations and potential frustrations. To achieve the outcome, you will be happy with, it is important to know the good and the bad about each treatment option.

The traditional process of breast enlargement involves placing a silicone or saline implant, filled to a precise size, beneath breast tissue. Small incisions are necessary and are placed in a discreet area. Natural breast augmentation, or fat transfer, is also an outpatient procedure performed in our accredited surgery center in Plantation. This process involves liposuction to harvest fat cells for use in the breasts. Harvest sites typically include the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs (or a combination thereof).

Benefits of Breast Implants

The reasons that patients ultimately choose breast implants over fat transfer is the predictability of this proven procedure. Once the consultation and planning have begun for breast augmentation, the patient has a good idea of what the outcome will look like. This is because we can choose implant size, shape, and texture to obtain the slope and overall size that will suit body frame.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

The primary reason that patients choose fat transfer is that they prefer natural breast augmentation, and are willing to accept less noticeable enlargement to maintain this preference. A single breast augmentation with fat transfer typically achieves approximately one cup size increase. The outcome will look natural and will be entirely natural, but it may not be as dramatic as is desired.

We are pleased to offer breast augmentation with implants and also with fat injections, and would be happy to help you determine which approach is best suited to your needs and expectations. To schedule your consultation, call (954) 472-8355.

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