When Breast Size is a Pain

Breast Reduction Plantation, FLBreast size has long been a topic of discussion among modern women. For decades, conversations have more or less revolved around the longing that some women have for breasts that are larger and more aligned with their personality and body shape. Having small breasts is certainly not a small problem. We routinely consult with women to help them increase breast size to meet their preferences. In this instance, though, we’d like to discuss the other side of the coin: the frustrations of overly large breasts.

The Downside to Large Breasts

It is rather inconsiderate to assume that a woman with large breasts would or should be happy with what she’s got, especially when so many women wish for a size increase. Large breast size doesn’t always feel like a blessing. For many women, large breasts cause more than a little discomfort.

The first place we go when we imagine the discomfort of large breasts is the physical consequences of weight on the chest wall. Consider how much weight must be shouldered – literally – by tiny bra straps. The welts and indentations can be severe. But that’s not all. Even if a bra with wider straps is worn, chest-weight from breast and glandular tissue pulls the body forward, placing tension on the neck and upper back. Many women with large breasts experience frequent shoulder, neck, and head pain.

The downside to large breasts doesn’t end at the physical discomfort a woman must live with, though it would be nice if it did. Large breasts are often the object of unwanted attention. Women express uncomfortable feelings when in business meetings of engaging in other daily activities. Breast size can also stand in the way of comfortable exercise and clothing options, both of which are important to a woman’s sense of well-being.

Breast Reduction Surgery is More than Cosmetic

When you consider the numerous ways that large breasts can impact the quality of life, it is easy to observe breast reduction as much more than cosmetic. Reducing breast size involves a few small incisions and the meticulous restructuring of glandular and fatty tissue. Breasts lifting is also an aspect of the reduction procedure, refining shape, and projection for all-around improvement.

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