Cosmetic Treatments and Assumptions Don’t Mix

Cosmetic Treatments and Assumptions Don’t Mix | Plastic Surgery Plantation FL Every year for many, many years running, millions of people consult with their trusted plastic surgeon about the treatment they believe will help them correct cosmetic concerns. There is immense value in the various modalities and techniques available today. There is also immense value in the formal consultation that occurs before treatment. The reason why may be easy to guess: because it is the formal consultation that aids our treatment planning process.

Setting the Tone for Success

Our intent in meeting with patients is to set the tone for success in cosmetic treatment. Here’s an example of how making assumptions before that visit could confuse the process.

It’s My Neck!

Neck lift procedures have increased in number in recent years as men and women have discovered the potential for freedom from moderate to severe submental fullness and “turkey neck.” Because the neck lift procedure is known for its ability to erase such problems, as well as horizontal bands and loose skin farther down on the neck, there is also an assumption that a neck lift is capable of refining the jawline. It is, but only at the chin. A neck lift cannot eliminate jowls. To address this problem, located on the sides of the jaw, we need to look at a facelift or, at the very least, volume restoration in the mid face.

It’s a Fat Thing

Unwanted fat is a prevalent complaint expressed by men and women of all ages. Due to our widespread admiration of the slim figure, liposuction has made quite a name for itself. Liposuction is so common, in fact, that it is easy to assume that this fat-reducing procedure is ideal for all concerns in which fat is involved. One area on which liposuction alone may not be successful is the stomach. This is because significant weight gain and pregnancy also stretch the muscles of the abdominal wall. The appearance of loose and saggy skin could be exacerbated when fat is diminished. For the greatest success, abdominoplasty may need to be explored.

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