Facial Aging Is a Fat Problem

injectables fort lauderdale | fillers plantation flFat is the villain in many stories. Men and women seek help from their experienced plastic surgeon when their diet and exercise habits only go so far. Fat is usually something that people want to do away with. Rarely is it considered something of immense value. And it is almost never associated with facial aging. There are, in fact, other culprits at play here. However, a good amount of the concern that relates to the aging face stems from depletion of the fat pads beneath the skin. If only we could remove the lingering fat deposits from one place and put them into a better position; a position in which these cells could do some good. Oh, wait! We can!

Fat: your Greatest Injectable Solution

Anti-aging injectables have been getting a lot of attention in the past decade. So much so that many people don’t even realize that a more natural solution even exists. The idea that unwanted fat could have an advantageous use in the body seems far-fetched, but it’s not. The fat grafting process is actually the magic behind the Brazilian Butt Lift, and it can do magical things for the face, as well.

The typical way of restoring volume is to inject a synthetic filler just beneath the skin. Many of the popular fillers we use are based on hyaluronic acid, so they attract water into the crease to plump it and keep it plump for several months. Fat is different. When we inject processed fat cells that have been taken from the body itself into the cheeks, wrinkles, or even the back of the hands, these cells integrate into surrounding tissue. There, they expand and contract just as “native” fat cells do, and they live harmoniously in the deeper dermal tissue. They do this not for a few months, but for several years.

With age, volume in the tissue that supports supple skin decreases substantially. While lifting procedures can recreate the appearance of smoother, younger looking skin, they do not restore volume (unless they include fat grafting!). To restore volume using the most organic filler available, consider exploring the option of fat grafting.

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