Do You Know What to Do Before and After Liposuction?

Liposuction fort lauderdale | fat removal plantation flLiposuction is one of the most recognized cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Millions of men and women have already taken advantage of this body-contouring procedure, and millions more think about it – sometimes on a daily basis! It makes sense to consider the value of liposuction when you have tried, without luck, to whittle away unwanted fat. Your hard work and discipline deserve to be rewarded, and liposuction can give you the ultimate prize you have been after. If you are leaning into the idea of liposuction, you want to know the finer details that will help you navigate the process. So let’s go there.

How to Prepare for Liposuction

  • Exploring your options. Don’t assume that every physician who offers the liposuction procedure has the same qualifications. Look at education, advanced training, experience, and also at the Before and After photos of cases performed. It is not impolite, either, to ask for patient referrals if you really want to delve in to your process.
  • Exploring what your own expectations are. Are you assuming that you will weigh less after liposuction? That the goal weight that has eluded you will finally be achieved? This may not be the right way to go about it. Liposuction is more about getting you into your favorite jeans or that LBD. It is not about reducing weight, but maximizing the curves of your body.

What to expect during recovery

  • Knowing what to expect. Of course you know you will need some time away from work. You know you may feel slightly sore for a week or so. Did you also know that you may see some lumps and bumps in the area treated with liposuction? If you aren’t prepared for these minor, temporary side effects, you may experience unnecessary distress.
  • Another unhealthy expectation, and one that is relatively common, is that the results from liposuction will be seen right away. No. What will be noticeable after your procedure is swelling, and some minor bruising. Swelling will reduce significantly around the 4-week mark after surgery, and will continue to subside over several more weeks.

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