Breast Lift with Exercise! Really?

Breast lift surgery fort lauderdale | breast lift miamiWe live in the era of DIY; engaging in everything from making our own soap to remodeling our bathrooms. A quick search online and you can learn that it’s possible to DIY your body and face, too. For example, women all around the world have been told that performing specific exercises will help them tighten and tone the right muscles to lift sagging breasts. Before you join the gym and schedule sessions with a personal trainer who will guide you in the performance of fly’s and bench presses, think twice about this advise.

Can you really lift the breasts using exercise alone? Let’s find out.

The appearance of sagging breasts can cause a woman a great deal of distress. We understand, and we provide the level of care our patients need to restore confidence in their bodies. Answering the question about exercise and breast lifting can be challenging, but it is an important topic to discuss. Without adequate information, a woman may embark on a long, frustrating, and unnecessary path.

Muscles and Tissues and Sagging, oh My!

Breasts are fat. Literally. There is a bit of glandular tissue present, as well. Beneath all this, there is muscle tissue. The pectoral muscle may be tight and toned, but it does not affect the size, shape, and position of the breasts. What happens to a woman’s body is that, through pregnancy or weight changes, her breasts enlarge. It could be the fat cells that expand, or the glands that assist with milk production. When this happens, the skin over the breasts is stretched.

Over time, this skin, like the skin everywhere on the body, is depleted of collagen and can no longer remain firm and resilient. This creates the potential for sagging breasts. Another consequence of biological and physical changes is that breast tissue itself may shrink. The breasts deflate from the top down. This cannot be corrected with exercise alone.

Get a Lift to Lift your Confidence

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is an excellent way to reposition existing breast tissue higher up on the chest wall. This may coincide with breast implants if you also with to fill in space where volume has deteriorated. Lifting the breasts can lift your confidence substantially.

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