All That Anti-Aging Work. . . for What?

neck lift fort lauderdale | kybella plantationAll those centuries of endless searching seem to have paid off. We aren’t just standing in front of that proverbial fountain of youth; we can literally bathe in it if we so choose! If you question this, just tune into a five minutes of any Real Housewives show to learn the truth: looking your age is now a choice. Men and women are taking full advantage of the variety of ways they can look younger. It’s not so much about vanity as it is about ensuring the utmost sense of self-esteem. Whatever it is that you do to stay young, chances are a lot of it focuses on your face. Did you know that this may not be enough?

Take a Look Down

A smooth, plump, well-contoured face goes a long way in reinstating the appearance of youth. But what happens if you look a little farther down? Is your neck telling the same story as your face, or are horizontal lines and crepey skin giving you away?
Neck skin is delicate. It rivals the skin on your eyelids and beneath your eyes; that is how thin your neck skin is. For some reason, most of us miss this fact as we are going through our early years. No matter how much TLC we give to our face, the neck just doesn’t seem to come to mind – until it does. And when it does, it is because the signs of aging have become noticeable.

Aside from fragility, the neck ages as the primary muscle in this area, the platysma muscle, breaks down. The ropey structure frays and droops, which diminishes the support that overlying skin receives. Over time, tiny pockets of fat begin to form beneath the chin. It’s not that fat is migrating to this area; it’s that the fat that resides there is not held in by connective tissues. In time, horizontal lines also form on the neck.

What Does Your Neck Need?

Patients of Suria Plastic Surgery have choices in how they address the signs of aging. We offer several services to renew the skin on the neck. These include:

  • Kybella injectable treatment for submental fullness.
  • Light and laser treatments to tighten and brighten aging skin.
  • ThermiSmooth radiofrequency treatments induce collagen remodeling to tighten and lift neck skin.
  • Neck lift surgery can correct more advanced signs of aging.

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