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Dermal Fillers vs. Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Weston, Florida

Introduction: Facial aging is a natural process that affects everyone at some point in life. Many people seek to reverse the signs of aging through plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers. While facial plastic surgery can offer long-lasting results, it can also be expensive and invasive. On the other hand, dermal fillers are […]

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To Fill or To Lift: That is the Question!

About one hundred years ago, men and women were excited about the emergence of cosmetic plastic surgery. During the early 1900s, facelifts became a very real option for people wanting to look like they plunged head-first into the Fountain of Youth. Medicine has evolved so significantly since that time, we hardly think about actually correcting […]

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Your Facelift is Just the Start of Something Beautiful

Facelift surgeries continue to number over 100,000 on an annual basis in our country. We are proud to adhere to high-standard when treating our patients’ concerns. In addition to guiding you through your initial facelift process, we also find immense value in offering tips on how to maximize the results this procedure provides. A facelift […]

All That Anti-Aging Work. . . for What?

All those centuries of endless searching seem to have paid off. We aren’t just standing in front of that proverbial fountain of youth; we can literally bathe in it if we so choose! If you question this, just tune into a five minutes of any Real Housewives show to learn the truth: looking your age […]

Anti-Aging the Brow

There really aren’t very many age-related changes that do not bring up certain concerns. There are consequences that come with the aging process, from aching joints to fine lines and wrinkles. The up-side to aging in today’s society is that there are a myriad of lifestyle habits and aesthetic services that can minimize their reach […]

What Your Face Reveals About You

As a young adult out to hook your first job, you may have heard the common phrase “put your best foot forward.” What an encouraging sentiment to help you remember that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. This is true. Interestingly enough, another common skill we are taught is to […]

Guys Get Refreshed with Cosmetic Procedures

Historically, the majority of consultations that have taken place in plastic surgeons’ offices have been focused on concerns women have about aging or their overall shapeliness. However, the recent trend is showing an increased interest and cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical anti-aging treatments amongst men. There are numerous reasons that men cite for wanting to attend […]