Fat for Fuller Breasts: What you Need to Know

Breast AugmentationWomen who have desired shapelier breasts have historically had two options: breast augmentation or breast lift surgery. For years, the “ideal” of taking unwanted fat and using it to increase breast size has circulated. Apparently, the idea did not fall on deaf ears. In recent years, we have witnessed numerous developments in breast augmentation. One of them has been the use of harvested fat to fill out breast volume and shape.

How Fat Grafting Works

The fat grafting procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is adept at gently removing fat cells from a select area. Common harvest sites include the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. The cells obtained during a precise liposuction procedure are then introduced into the breast tissue in such a manner as to fill out the volume in the right places.

According to data from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the use of harvested fat can noticeably increase breast size. One fat grafting procedure can increase size approximately 1 cup. This may be a limitation for some patients. If you are interested in a greater extent of enhancement, you may be better suited to traditional breast implants. However, if your preference is to build like with like, build breast tissue with fat tissue, then you may find the benefits of fat grafting worth the smaller size you can attain.

Studies also demonstrate that it is possible to reach the larger size with repeat injections. After an initial breast augmentation with fat grafting, it is natural for some of the newly inserted cells to absorb. This typically occurs only in the first four months after the procedure. If, after this time, greater enhancement is desired, a repeat procedure may be performed, as long as there is sufficient fat tissue available in a secondary donor site.

Why Choose Fat Grafting for Breast Enlargement

We’ll be straightforward; fat grafting can be more costly than traditional implant surgery. So why would a woman elect to invest more for smaller breast size? The primary advantage to fat grafting is that it is a completely organic process. There is nothing foreign that the body may reject. Many women appreciate this. Also, though it is costlier, the process does provide double the benefit – slimmer in one area and enhanced in another. Finally, the recovery from fat grafting is minimal compared to traditional implants.

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