When and How to Add Volume to your Cheeks

Injectable TreatmentsThe mid face is a crucial area in terms of aesthetic beauty and youthfulness. The faces that we find ourselves admiring almost always have high, strong cheekbones. The reason we are drawn in is not so much because the eye lands on the cheeks, per se, but because the roundedness of the apples of the cheeks offsets the length and width of the skeletal structure, lending to symmetry. It is the symmetry and harmony among facial features that attracts the eye. If you would not describe your cheeks as attention-worthy, and you would like to, there are options for you to consider.

Once dermal fillers gained FDA-approval for cheek augmentation, little attention has been given to anything else. So, this is where we will begin our foray into the land of luscious cheekbones.

Temporary but Immediate

There are a few reasons why dermal fillers are near the top of the list of cosmetic procedures. Treatment is convenient, it is affordable, and it achieves immediate results. Several filler products exist, and a handful of them are excellent for contouring the cheeks. Some fillers add volume in the form of water. Not that the filler itself is water; natural fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which secures itself to water molecules. The results from natural fillers gradually diminish over 6 to 18 months.

Contouring may also be achieved with synthetic filler product, such as microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite. The microscopic particles in a product such as Sculptra adds structure that holds tissue in place for several months. Collagen is also boosted by the ingredients in synthetic fillers, maximizing the longevity of effects.

Taking Away in order to Give

What better way to give to the face than to take away from another part of the body? What we take away is fat that you don’t need. We may harvest from your thighs, your abdomen, your buttocks; anyplace where there is a little to give. The fat cells that are grafted are purified for only the finest and most relevant substance, and then introduced into the cheeks or other area of the face. Why would one want to do this, other than slimming down (win-win!)? Because the fat that integrates into facial tissue becomes a permanent part of that structure. The results of fat injections typically last 5 to 7 years.

Ready for the Long Haul

Have you tried facial fillers and loved the results? Have you wished that your cheeks could be more prominent forever? Then the procedure that may be best for you is cheek implants. The soft, silicone structures are secured against the cheekbone to add a more dramatic effect – and potentially permanent results.

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