Liposuction: the Curved Path to Better Curves

Liposuction | Suria Plastic SurgeryFor men and women who want to end the endless struggle of trying to whittle away unwanted fat, liposuction may be an ideal solution. This procedure is intended for exactly this purpose, to put an end to that struggle. The fact is, there are some areas of the body that can become particularly challenging. Sometimes, this is the thighs; sometimes, it’s the abdomen or the arms. Liposuction can be performed just about anywhere on the body, which may be one of the reasons this procedure is one of the most commonly sought.

If you are thinking about liposuction, you understandably want to know all you can. Having a good idea of what to expect sets the mind at ease, and we want this for you. Here, we will discuss the matter of recovery, and what you might notice in the area of swelling after your liposuction procedure.

Gone one day, there the next.

This sounds backward, doesn’t it? Usually, the saying goes “there one day, gone the next.” This is exactly what you would think would happen after liposuction. Fat is there one day and gone the next. Swelling is there one day and gone the next. Ok, not the next, but relatively quickly. To be safe, throw out this idea right now. Here’s what can happen . . .

Post-surgical swelling is affected by a few factors. One is the number of days that pass. Yes, the swelling will improve progressively. Another factor, though, is physical activity. Let’s say you have liposuction to restore that thigh-gap. As you start to walk more or you ease back into your normal exercise routine, you might notice that the gap you coveted narrows slightly. This swelling is due to the increase in fluid-movement. It will pass.

Rest is also a degree of physical activity, right? So, you could also expect that, if you are not moving much, you might notice increased swelling. This type of scenario is usually most prominently seen in the upper arms, which could hold fluid when the arms rest at the sides.

Swelling will vary, and it may do so to such a subtle degree that you don’t even notice. If you do, however, know that you are still on your path to recovery and that this could ultimately take months for the last little bit of swelling to disappear.

As summer approaches, you may be thinking more about that liposuction procedure you’ve been considering. Now is a great time to schedule your consultation for treatment in our Plantation office. Call (954) 472-8355 today.

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