What to Know about Natural Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Fort Lauderdale FL Beautiful breasts. To have them means something different to all women. We now see this played out in real life more than ever. Not every woman is striving to enlarge her breasts to a size that doesn’t fit her frame. When breast augmentation is desired, more and more women are approaching their treatment with very clear boundaries, and this is a beautiful thing.

At Suria Plastic Surgery, patients from the Fort Lauderdale area have multiple options for their breast augmentation process. We are no longer held within the box of breast implants. Now, we also can reshape and refine using autologous fat. Here’s how the procedures compare.

Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery has been improved upon for the past several decades. Women may choose to enlarge the size of their breasts with either silicone or saline implants. Furthermore, implants are now available in malleable and form stable structures, which improves the look and feel of the breasts. Silicone sacs that hold either saline or silicone material are selected based on body frame and preferences, and come in shapes and textures that maximize authenticity.

Fat Grafting for Breast Enhancement

Fat injections are a dream come true for the (mostly) women who have envisioned having the ability to redistribute body fat; take it from one place, such as the thighs or hips, and put it someplace else, usually the bosom. The time has come for medicine to catch up with this ideal, and the advancement has women flocking to discuss natural breast augmentation with doctors who have obtained the training to conduct such a procedure.

Fat injections for breast enhancement include liposuction to harvest an appropriate amount of fat from the body. Fat cells are then extracted from fluid and blood and are introduced into the breast in such a manner to achieve the desired outcome. In many cases, fat is injected at the upper slope and sides of the breast to create better proportions.

What to Know

Women who are interested in a more dramatic change of shape and size may be better candidates for breast implants than fat injections. Breast implants can be customized for more predictable results. However, there are risks for contracture (scarring around implants), rippling, and, on rare occasions, rejection. Finally, breast implants may need to be replaced at some point, based on the look, feel, or mammography.

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Because fat injections require an adequate amount of fat, there needs to be excess fat somewhere on the body for harvesting to be successful. Multiple areas may be used as donor sites if needed. It is natural for some of the fat injected into breast tissue to be absorbed, somewhat limiting the result.

Learn more about breast enhancement with implants or fat injections by calling our Plantation office.

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