What Jowls have to do with Your Cheeks

Cheek augmentation Plantation, FLOne of the prominent changes that occur on the aging face is softening along the jawline. When this happens, the chin can take on a “turkey neck” type of appearance. On a man’s face, the softened jawline can make the chin appear weak and the face rather feminine. Jowls are a problem for both men and women, and they may begin to appear far earlier than we expect. For many people who start to notice jowls, this development in aging can be quite concerning. Is a facelift needed? A neck lift? Not necessarily. When the change is treated early, a quick round of dermal fillers may do the trick.

Where the Magic Resides

The magic of facial harmony resides in the mid-face, across the cheeks and temples. When jowls are noticed, there may be a temptation to have dermal fillers injected directly into the jawline. The thing is, dermal fillers are formulated to add volume. Jowls are an issue of too much volume along the bottom of the face. To add more would, in fact, reduce the obviousness of jowls. However, this technique must be performed meticulously to avoid creating bulk where it doesn’t belong.

In recent years, cosmetic surgeons and professional injectors have become more aware of the importance of anatomy. The structure of the face has always been important to results, yet it has taken time to connect all the right dots; this causes that, cause and effect. It is now understood that jowls are not an isolated problem, https://livingwellnessmedicalcenter.com/ativan-lorazepam/. The accumulation of volume and the looseness of the skin on the lower face are the byproducts of volume loss across the cheeks and collagen depletion everywhere in the body. Therefore, jowl treatment now often consists of cheek augmentation of one kind or another.

Customized Treatment for Outstanding Results

jowls are not an isolated problem
Cheek augmentation is a reasonable solution for jowls. The question that we ask is how this can be achieved. There are various ways to fill out the cheeks, and no single treatment is right for every person. Initially, what most patients request is temporary filling with dermal fillers. Voluma is a product that has been formulated specifically for the cheek area. For all-natural, longer lasting results, we may suggest fat injections. Once fat cells have integrated into the mid-face, they will remain (and still be vulnerable to the natural aging process). Finally, cheek implants may be considered when facial volume needs a more intense boost.

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