The Other Side of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Tightening | ThermiVa Fort Lauderdale FLThe problems that a woman faces as her body ages have not changed a whole lot over time. What is different today is that we are more open to discussion about what ails us, what makes us feel less like ourselves than we’d like. Vaginal atrophy is an example of such a problem. It isn’t that a woman’s body ages differently today; it’s that our ancestors may have accepted many age-related biological changes as inconsequential to the Big Picture of life. Now, we are not only talking about these problems; but we are also solving them.

ThermiVa™ Treatment for That Feeling of Youth

For many women, vaginal rejuvenation may be just as beneficial as all the treatments we love to love for their positive effect on aging skin. Maybe even more so, because changes in the lining of the vagina leading to looseness that may permanently alter a woman’s ability to enjoy satisfying sex. The loss of collagen beneath the surface of this coating inhibits proper lubrication, not only before sex but all the time. Dryness can lead to an increased risk of vaginitis and, of course, can make sexual intercourse a painful endeavor. Furthermore, because collagen is necessary for firmness and strength in soft tissues, the vaginal atrophy that occurs with age is also a prime factor in urinary incontinence.

That feeling of youth isn’t all about sex.

ThermiVa for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence has historically been a hush-hush kind of topic. With little hope for resolution, what good would it do a woman to talk about the embarrassing problem of poor bladder control? Over time, as awareness has increased, we have seen a slew of “bladder control” products emerge. These products don’t aid in bladder control; they merely mitigate the discomfort of involuntary leakage. Why rely on special pads or panties when a simple office treatment can get to the source of the issue?

ThermiVa radiofrequency treatment is intended for the improvement of vaginal atrophy. The heating of collagen strands causes them to immediately constrict. However, it is the gradual reformation of these strands with healthy new collagen that makes the biggest impact on a woman’s well-being, Greater strength in the vaginal canal means greater bladder control, which means optimal confidence.

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