An Inventive Approach to Aging

Non-Surgical Treatments - Injectables Fort Lauderdale FLThroughout history, anti-aging treatments have been popular, though their methods have changed over time. Today, it is common to turn to surgical lifting procedures as well as injectables, lasers, and other innovative modalities to correct the lines and wrinkles, the sagging, and other issues that age the face. What if we were to take all of the advances that have been made in skincare and use them to our greatest advantage? This would mean that we take a new approach, one where we start to manage our aging process before its evidence appears.

When the Wrinkles Come

When do we typically begin to think about anti-aging treatments? When we notice the signs of aging on our face, right? Let’s take a look at when aging begins.

Throughout our childhood and teen years, there are typically fat stores that plump the lips, cheeks, and other areas of the body. A matrix of collagen protein lies beneath the skin to support these fat stores and overlying tissue. The integrity of these subdermal structures starts to break down in our twenties. However, it isn’t for several more years that the degradation of the skin becomes obvious. Knowing this, we have the power to make positive change.

How Far Can You Go?

Unfortunately, none of us can go back to childhood to reverse the damage that may have occurred when our skin was young and resilient. All we can do is move forward with the strong sun-protection habits we should have learned in childhood. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is your skin’s best friend. Wear it daily from here on out. Then instill other healthy habits.

The fact that a large number of cosmetic treatments available today are referred to as “rejuvenating” or “anti-aging” may set the wrong tone. From chemical peels to light and laser treatments to microneedling, the common modalities we use to reduce wrinkles are also excellent preventive treatments. Whether you are twenty-three or sixty-three, your skin will thank you for obtaining professional care.

Elderly patients should take Ambien (Zolpidem) at with particular caution due to the risk of developing a pronounced sedative and/or muscle relaxant effect. Special care is required when prescribing the drug to the patients suffering from severe depression with a high suicidal risk.

Let’s Talk Injectables

You may have heard about Botox and fillers as great wrinkle-reducing treatments. If you have yet to notice wrinkles on your forehead or lines around your nose and mouth, you may assume these methods hold no value for your skin. Not so. Muscle relaxing Botox, in particular, is a great method of managing age before lines appear. When used in a preventative manner, a lesser amount of product may be needed to achieve the desired result.

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