Let’s Talk about Breast Size

Breast reduction surgery Plantation, FLBreast size has been a hot topic of discussion for decades. We have gone through the era of overly inflated breasts, and are now settling in to a new trend of women wanting the most natural looking assets. Sometimes, this doesn’t come from enlargement. Many of the women who consult with plastic surgeons today are talking about breast reduction. If you are a patient of Suria Plastic Surgery, you know that we are dedicated to excellence. This translates into personal care that begins at your first visit, and extends through your recovery. Here, we want to offer a few tips for maximum healing after breast reduction surgery.

One of the biggest surprises that many women have about their procedure is the ease in which they recover. The fact that reducing breast size doesn’t involve placing any structures beneath breast tissue doesn’t mean there won’t be minor soreness. Post-operative comfort can be facilitated by a few simple tricks.

Don’t Test your Limits

Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery are provided post-operative instructions. These usually include direction for taking pain medication at predetermined times. Why wait for pain to develop to then chase it away? A better option is to rely on prescription medication for a few days, https://www.urgentway.com/ambien-buy-now/. Usually, this is all that is necessary before over-the-counter pain relievers become sufficient.

Testing limits may be a temptation the better you feel. Soreness and sensitivity dissipate relatively quickly. This may give you the impression that you didn’t really need those few weeks off work. Since you have the time anyway, you may consider making the most of it by getting back into your workout routine. Don’t. Your doctor will advise you about a return to exercise. Typically, this does not occur for at least 3 weeks. Until then, focus on healing by relaxing, eating well, and taking walks.

For the first few days after breast reduction, the skin and underlying tissue may be noticeably sore and sensitive. This may mean that you don’t feel like doing much, even bathing. That’s ok! In fact, we encourage patients to wait at least a day, maybe two, to give their incisions a bit more time to heal before exposed to water.

Breast reduction can be a game-changer. To learn more about this procedure, call Suria Plastic Surgery in Plantation at (954) 472-8355.


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