You are the Beholder and the Beauty!

Plastic Surgery Suria plastic surgeryThey say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To some extent, that is a true statement. However, there is a twist that has been going on for ages, and it is high time that we talk about it. While we all have our idea of what is beautiful, there is a direct connection between current styles in fashion and what “they” say is ideal regarding body type. Who are “they?” It seems that, by and large, they are the fashion-makers, the trend-setters, those who drive the beauty industry overall.

The thing is, body type stems from your genetics, it’s not something you can change very much. And yet, we can see in this historical review that many women have attempted to do that:

  • The turn of the century between the 1800s and 1900s brought about a new ideal. They called her The Gibson Girl after her maker, Charles Gibson. The concern (that no one had) about this ideal figure subjected onto women of the day is that it was not real. It was a drawing of a make-believe woman who would fit well into a particular style of clothing. Because that clothing was “in,” women did what they had to (tight, rib-bruising corsets) to be that girl.
  • Because the 1940s fashion reflected a love for the tall, strong woman, there was a push to cram feet into heels that would achieve this. Clothing styles took over the natural form, covering the natural curve of the breasts with cone-shaped brassieres, and the sloped shoulders with squared shoulder pads. Not tall? A little curvy? Your body style was not “in.”
  • The hippy days, with their billowy bohemian dresses and bell-bottomed jeans, had no room for the curvy girl, either. The ideal at that time was exhibited by the model Twiggy and others like her.

Trends come and go. Today, the big booty is all the rage. Tomorrow, who knows what we will see! The point is, you do you, Boo. We can help you create harmony between the woman you feel on the inside and the woman you see when you look in the mirror.

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