Why a Winter Tuck Makes Sense

Tummy Tuck | Suria Plastic Surgery FLWe may not live in a part of the country where frigid temperatures send us indoors throughout the winter months. However, there are seasonal changes that take place, and they affect how we live our day to day lives. An interesting trend that many plastic surgeons notice is that more patients express an interest in abdominoplasty during the time of year when the days are short and nights are cool.

“Of course!” you may be thinking. The obvious reason that one would see for scheduling a tummy tuck in the off-season is that they don’t want to be held up by scars and soreness during bikini and swim-trunk season. Well, yes; but there’s more.

The abdominoplasty procedure is one of the more expanded of all cosmetic surgeries. There is a large area to cover, in many cases, and some precision repositioning of the key feature we know as the belly-button. This means that recovery is more complex than you may imagine. The reason it is important to understand the nature of recovery after abdominoplasty is so you can plan accordingly for smooth sailing.

Taking your Time

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges a person may have after this cosmetic surgery is the need to slow down for a while. As much as we all say that we’d like to sit on a beach with Mai Tai in hand, most of us feel somewhat lost when we get out of the rat race. Preparing for a tummy tuck means getting into the right headspace to manage several weeks with very little activity.

It is necessary to take a few weeks away from anything more than light physical activity (sitting or walking). If you have a desk job, you may feel up to short days at work after the 2-week mark. If your job requires lifting any object that weighs more than 5 lbs, you will have to request either lighter duties or more time off. And exercise? Don’t even think about it until your doctor has cleared you for appropriate activities.

Having a tummy tuck may be the best thing you do for your overall confidence and sense of satisfaction with your appearance. Learn more about this procedure from your Plantation plastic surgeon when you call Suria Plastic Surgery at (954) 472-8355.



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