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Let’s Talk about Breast Size

Breast size has been a hot topic of discussion for decades. We have gone through the era of overly inflated breasts, and are now settling in to a new trend of women wanting the most natural looking assets. Sometimes, this doesn’t come from enlargement. Many of the women who consult with plastic surgeons today are […]

New Year, New Look: Here’s how to Plan

The New Year holiday does something to most people: it makes them look forward to progress in the coming year. Your idea of progress may involve a better career, better habits, or a better body. Maybe it includes all of that and more! The team at Suria Plastic Surgery is here to support you in […]

All that Anti-aging Work. . . for what?

All those centuries of endless searching seem to have paid off. We aren’t just standing in front of that proverbial fountain of youth; we can literally bathe in it if we so choose! If you question this, just tune into a five minutes of any Real Housewives show to learn the truth: looking your age […]

Breast Lift with Exercise! Really?

We live in the era of DIY; engaging in everything from making our own soap to remodeling our bathrooms. A quick search online and you can learn that it’s possible to DIY your body and face, too. For example, women all around the world have been told that performing specific exercises will help them tighten […]

Do you know What to Do Before and After Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most recognized cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Millions of men and women have already taken advantage of this body-contouring procedure, and millions more think about it – sometimes on a daily basis! It makes sense to consider the value of liposuction when you have tried, without luck, to whittle away unwanted […]

Facial Aging is a Fat Problem

Fat is the villain in many stories. Men and women seek help from their experienced plastic surgeon when their diet and exercise habits only go so far. Fat is usually something that people want to do away with. Rarely is it considered something of immense value. And it is almost never associated with facial aging. […]

Here’s What Stress is doing to your Face

We all have stress; it’s a way of life in our busy culture! The more we learn about this condition, the more we know that it’s preferable to avoid making it a chronic state. The thing is, we cannot stop the unexpected. We will find ourselves in stressful situations from time to time, maybe even […]

You’ve Hit your Goal Weight! Now What?

Creating the body that you feel proud of has taken hard work. It could be that you developed a healthy lifestyle that you know you can keep up for the long run. It could be that you jump-started your weight loss journey with bariatric surgery. The path that lead you to where you are doesn’t […]

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