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A Brazilian butt lift, also known as butt augmentation, is the common name for fat transfer to the buttocks after lipocontouring. The butt lift procedure involves liposuction of the waist, back and thighs. The fat is prepared in a sterile fashion and injected into the buttock to add volume and provide lift.

The fat injections that remain 3 months after the procedure can typically last a lifetime if they receive good blood supply at the new location in the buttocks.

What concerns do a butt lift Address?

Depending on the patient, a Brazilian Butt Lift will address the following concerns:

  1. Insufficient volume of the buttocks
  2. A flat or droopy appearance to the buttocks
  3. Achieving a more ideal and desirable waist and torso

How is a brazilian butt lift performed?

Fat is first liposuctioned from various areas on the body. We have an established protocol to ensure maximum survival of the fat cells that are injected into the buttock. The fat cells are harvested at a low pressure using warm solution. While liposuction is occurring, the fat cells are stored at a warm temperature to ensure their survival. The fat cells are processed in a sterile fashion and are washed with a warm, antibiotic solution to minimize any chance of infection.

Once the fat cells are processed, they are transferred into a smaller syringes and injected under low pressure using fat injection cannulas. Our anatomical knowledge allows the transfer of fat in a safe and methodical way. Depending on the particular goals of the patient, fat is injected in a deliberate manner to achieve the desired result.

Where does the fat come from for the butt lift?

The fat for the butt lift comes from the most common areas that fat harvests. The areas include the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, and arms. By lipocontouring these areas, the lift and volume of the buttocks are more pronounced.

Where is the surgery performed?

Depending on the amount of lipocontouring that will be necessary, the procedure is either performed in the operating room at Suria Plastic Surgery or in the hospital. Patient safety is our main concern and is never compromised.

What risks are involved?

Body contouring and fat transfer are very safe when the appropriate safety protocols and technique are used. When the procedures are rushed or performed by poorly trained/inexperienced surgeons, complications can result.

Recently in the news, several patient deaths at questionable facilities have put body contouring in an unfavorable light. We are passionate about the art of body contouring and fat transfer and is committed to providing the highest level of safety to his patients.

We have performed successful fat transfer surgeries to the face, breasts, and buttocks. As his patient, you can rest assured that the most up to date safety protocols will be followed.

In addition, the surgery will only be performed in facilities that meet our discriminating standards.

How long does Brazilian Butt Lift results last?

Most patients can expect to keep 60-70% of the fat injected at 6 months. The fat that survives at 6 months lasts life-long. The 30-40% that does not last is reabsorbed by the body.

What is the preparation for surgery?

Patients are asked to avoid blood thinners prior to surgery. Patients are well hydrated prior to surgery to ensure that they can tolerate the full body liposuction that is often required for a Brazilian Butt Lift in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & surrounding areas.

Patients must be at a stable weight for 3 months to be considered as a surgical candidate.

Butt Augmentation recovery

Immediately after surgery, you can expect close follow-up and attention by us and our office. This is a major difference between Suria Plastic Surgery and other centers in the area.

Great care is taken to ensure that your recovery is comfortable and safe. This includes post-surgical monitoring, pain control, antibiotics, and follow-up phone calls.

In the first two weeks after surgery, you will see us several times to ensure that your recovery is progressing per his standards. We require that our patients wear a full body compression garment for 3 months after surgery. This compression garment is tailored for the patient so that it does not put pressure on the buttocks.

In addition, patients cannot sit on their buttocks for 6 weeks after surgery. We have found that most of the Brazilian Butt Lift sitting pillows on the market are oftentimes inadequate. His office customizes a sitting pillow for all of his patients so that no pressure is placed on the freshly transferred fat.

If I lose weight after surgery, will my buttock size decrease?

Usually, the fat that is transferred will be maintained after weight loss. Weight loss of greater than 20 pounds after surgery is harder to predict. This is one reason why we recommend that patients maintain a stable weight for at least 3 months prior to surgery.

How soon after surgery can I resume normal activities?

Patients can resume their normal, non-strenuous activities in 1 week after they are cleared. This clearance, of course, excludes sitting on the buttocks. Strenuous activities, such as exercise, can resume 4 weeks after surgery.

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