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Coral Springs Plastic Surgery

Suria Plastic Surgery specializes in a number of plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures and has been delivering beautiful, natural-looking results for patients in the Coral Springs area.  Every member of our Coral Springs plastic surgery team is board-certified and provides individualized and specialized care to their patients.  Each patient receives a safe, effective treatment that’s been tailored to their specific aesthetic goals.  We also offer a range of non-surgical treatments as well.


Treating Patients on an Individualized Basis

In order to address our patients’ aesthetic goals, our cosmetic surgery Coral Springs team selects the proper procedure for each individual based on their anatomy, their particular body type, and their cosmetic goals.  We listen to your concerns as well as your expectations carefully in order to deliver outstanding results and guarantee your satisfaction.  As the premier cosmetic and plastic surgery center, we are always on the cutting edge of cosmetic and plastic surgical care.

The Suria Plastic Surgery team of cosmetic, plastic, and restorative surgeons treats each of their patients as individuals in order to develop a procedure that addresses their specific needs.  Unlike other cosmetic surgery in Coral Springs clinics, we do not take a cookie cutter or one-size-fits all approach to these procedures.  We employ excellent standards of care and are continually striving to improve our surgical methods on a daily basis in order to deliver an optimal outcome to every one of our patients.


Procedures That Address the Patient’s Individual Needs

Whether you’ve considered non-surgical options or you’re searching for a procedure that will rejuvenate the body, breasts, face, or nose, the Suria Plastic Surgery team offers an extensive line of surgical and non-surgical procedures to accommodate you.  We currently offer the following Coral Springs plastic surgery procedures:

Body Procedures – We offer a number of body contouring procedures to correct issues that that dieting and exercising can’t help (procedures include liposuction, post-weight loss body contouring, tummy tucks, etc.)

Breast Procedures – Your cosmetic surgery team in Coral Springs offers a number of advanced breast surgical procedures that will help with:

  • Improving breast symmetry
  • Increasing overall breast volume
  • Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction
  • Restoring firmness and shape after pregnancy

(Procedures include breast implants, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reconstruction for cancer, breast reduction, etc.)

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures – Our Suria Plastic Surgery team can perform a number of facial rejuvenation procedures that will improve facial balance and symmetry as well as take years off the patient’s appearance in the process (procedures include brow and forehead lifts, chemical peels, eyelid procedures, facelifts, etc.)

Nose Procedures – One of the more common Coral Springs plastic surgery procedures that we perform at Suria Plastic Surgery is rhinoplasty, a procedure used to augment, reduce, or reshape the appearance of the nose (procedures include complex nose reconstruction, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty, septoplasty), revision rhinoplasty etc.)

Non-surgical Procedures – For those patients that prefer a less invasive procedure, we have a number of physicians and skin care specialists who can customize a skin care regimen that is tailored to the patient’s needs (procedures include Botox, facial fillers, fat grafting, lip augmentation, etc.)

These procedures have been designed and developed to help you feel and look your absolute best.  Our highly experienced team of Suria Plastic Surgery professionals is committed to delivering the most outstanding, natural-looking results.  They use their combined experience and expertise when collaborating on each individual patient.  In so doing, they are able to customize a cosmetic surgery procedure in Coral Springs that is tailored to the needs of each individual patient.


What Separates Us from Other Plastic Surgery Facilities?

Men and women who are considering a cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure can always expect to benefit from the experience and skills our Coral Springs plastic surgery team.  For more information regarding the body, breast, face, or nose surgical procedures that we offer or to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your specific aesthetic needs, we encourage you to contact Suria Plastic Surgery today.


I’m certain I made the right decision. I’m proud to inform others if questioned that you’re my physician. I am grateful for your patience in answering all my questions and taking your precious time to make me feel comfortable. I can’t wait to see the results! Much gratitude.

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