Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation

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Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgery

Suria Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing patients the highest quality body and facial enhancements backed by outstanding medical and personal care.  Every aspect of our patient’s care receives careful consideration from the initial consultation up to and including their post-operative follow-up visits.  Our Pembroke Pines cosmetic surgery staff is devoted to ensuring that patient looks and feel their best.  In order to deliver the most natural looking results, we combine our extensive experience and expertise with the highest medical standards possible.


Patient Well-being is Priority #1

Whether the patient is interested in enhancing their curves, refining their physique, or revitalizing their appearance, the Suria Plastic Surgery team, a patient’s personal care and well-being is always our #1 priority.  By using a variety of plastic surgery techniques in Pembroke Pines, our board-certified surgeons and their staff have established a solid reputation for delivering excellent results in a wide range of procedures.  Furthermore, we believe that every patient should have all the information necessary to making a well-informed decision regarding the surgical procedure they choose.


Our Facility and Staff

To ensure the patient’s comfort and safety, we provide them with a relaxing and warm environment while they undergo their Pembroke Pines cosmetic surgery procedure.  All cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art facility that was designed and developed to provide the ideal environment for surgical procedures and patient care.  More importantly, we offer a caring and compassionate staff that is dedicated to providing a healthy and supportive experience.


What We Do

The Suria Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgery team is committed to providing plastic surgery procedures in Pembroke Pines that enhance the appearance, proportion, and symmetry of the human body and facial features.  We offer surgical procedures that will enhance the appearance of the body, breasts, face, and nose as well as non-surgical treatments.  We use the most current, advanced techniques to ensure the patient’s safety and the success of the procedure they have chosen to undergo. Many patients often want to enhance more than one area of their bodies and will opt for multiple procedures.  For instance, one patient may choose breast augmentation surgery in conjunction with a tummy tuck procedure in Pembroke Pines.

Another patient may want a Brazilian butt lift procedure done after having liposuction surgery in Pembroke Pines.  The key is to provide the patient with the right choice based on what they are hoping to achieve.


A Word about Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

A breast augmentation or breast implants procedure in Pembroke Pines enables a woman to improve her breasts’ shape and size in a more flattering manner.  Suria Plastic Surgery is the ideal choice for the woman who wants to enhance her appearance and how her body looks.  Unfortunately, there are a number of women that have their doubts about cosmetic surgical procedures.  However, undergoing a breast augmentation or getting breast implants from a board-certified professional translates to greater aesthetics and near perfect symmetry.

While some women have been fortunate to have a more voluptuous body, others have our plastic surgery procedures to enhance theirs.  For those women that are not that well-endowed, getting implants and having a breast augmentation is the answer.  Whether an attractive modeling image or just personal gratification, this is the easiest and safest way to attain immediately pleasing results.


Come See the Difference

We focus on you.  We believe that when you choose cosmetic or reconstructive surgery that you should expect the utmost in ongoing care and attention from your surgeon.  Prior to your procedure, your surgeon will consult with you about every aspect of your care during and after your surgery as well as before.  By consulting with you frequently, we will have a better understanding of your expectations and goals for the procedure.  Ultimately, the selection of a surgeon rests on your shoulders.

For more information about breast augmentation Pembroke Pines surgery or any of the other procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift,  schedule a consultation appointment, contact Suria Plastic Surgery today.


I’m certain I made the right decision. I’m proud to inform others if questioned that you’re my physician. I am grateful for your patience in answering all my questions and taking your precious time to make me feel comfortable. I can’t wait to see the results! Much gratitude.

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