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Breast Augmentation

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Welcome to Suria Plastic Surgery, the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery specialists of South Florida.  We deliver beautiful, more natural-looking results for individuals with specific aesthetic goals.  Our board-certified surgeons offer a wide range of plastic surgery procedures in South Florida for discerning individuals who want to enhance their bodily and facial features.  We are dedicated to providing specialized care to all of our patients.  We offer safe and effective procedures that can be tailored to the aesthetic goals and needs of any patient.


We Listen To Our Patients

As your South Florida cosmetic surgery specialists, we understand how selecting the right procedure is essential to achieving your aesthetic goals and needs.  This involves a clear understanding of the human anatomy and body type as well as the patient’s specific needs.  Our caring and compassionate staff will always listen to and respect your concerns and expectations.  In so doing, it will enable our surgeons to ensure the most outstanding cosmetic results possible.


It’s All About Choosing the Right Surgical Team

At Suria Plastic Surgery, we believe that selecting the right surgical team is vital to the outcome of your procedure.  There are many qualities you should look for including experience, expertise, and a track record of providing high-quality results.  We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our doctors and our staff while reviewing their qualifications and specialties.  We pride ourselves on treating our patients like our own family members.  We work with them in order to ensure that we consistently meet or exceed their expectations.


How Patients Benefit

As your plastic surgery specialists in South Florida, our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality, outstanding cosmetic and reconstructive surgical results.  We have designed and developed a comfortable, relaxing, and warm patient environment within our state-of-the-art facility.  We appreciate the importance of each individual procedure and understand that this is an emotional and very personal experience for each patient.

We also believe in the fundamentals of patient education and how the knowledge of the procedure they have chosen will make them feel more at ease.  Our Suria Plastic Surgery team will consult with you regarding the different treatment options that are available to you.  This will enable you to make a well-informed decision regarding the procedure you’ve selected so you’ll be comfortable with it.


Popular Procedures

Our South Florida plastic surgery team offers the most extensive range of surgical procedures for body, breast, and facial enhancement in the southeastern US.  Our primary goal is to provide the best possible surgical experience with each of the more popular procedures we have listed here:

Breast Augmentation / Implants Surgery in South Florida– Improves breast shape and size with breast implants.  The procedure is sometimes referred to as breast enhancement or enlargement and is oftentimes performed in conjunction with a breast lift.  The patient has a choice of two types of breast implant fillers:

  • Saline – Generally used for patients 22 years of age or younger
  • Silicon – Used only for patients 22 years of age and older

Liposuction Procedure in South Florida– oftentimes referred to simply as “lipo”, this procedure removes those stubborn fat pockets that diet and exercise can’t get rid of.  A liposuction procedure in South Florida will effectively reduce:

  • Bulges around the waistline
  • Double chins
  • Love handles
  • Saddlebags
  • Other unsightly fatty deposits

Rhinoplasty Procedure in South Florida– The more familiar term for this procedure is a “nose job.”  The rhinoplasty procedure creates a more desirable appearance of the nose by reshaping its external and internal structure.  However, it can also be done to correct a birth defect or a broken nose.  Furthermore, it can be done in conjunction with a nasal air passage procedure known as a “septoplasty” to improve one’s breathing.

For more information regarding plastic surgery procedures in South Florida or to begin your cosmetic or reconstructive journey with a consultation appointment, we encourage you to contact Suria Plastic Surgery at your earliest convenience.


I’m certain I made the right decision. I’m proud to inform others if questioned that you’re my physician. I am grateful for your patience in answering all my questions and taking your precious time to make me feel comfortable. I can’t wait to see the results! Much gratitude.

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