Skin Care After Resurfacing

skin rejuvenating treatment One of the best pieces of advice given by our mothers is to start early on a healthy skin care routine. Whether you are warding off the signs of aging and sun damage, or you are addressing such concerns in their early stages, you can benefit a great deal from the non-invasive light, laser, and peel treatments available today. With an affordable, periodic treatment, it is possible to continually exude your inner beauty through an outward glow. If you are considering a chemical peel, IPL, or other skin rejuvenating treatment, you want to consider the various ways to maximize your results:

  • Seek the shade whenever possible. One of the most significant factors that leads to premature aging is UV exposure. Right after resurfacing with a chemical peel, the skin will need time to heal and regenerate. Too much sun at this crucial time can exacerbate redness and peeling, and may even cause unnecessary irritation.
  • Wear sunscreen. Depending on the depth of your resurfacing treatment, several layers of tissue may be affected. As these layers are regenerating new skin cells, the rays from the sun can be particularly damaging. To avoid issues with hyperpigmentation, be sure to apply adequate sunscreen on a daily basis. In addition to sunscreen, you may protect your skin under a wide-brimmed hat when out in the sun.
  • Use recommended products. During the first few weeks after a resurfacing treatment, you skin may be more sensitive than usual. At this time, it is beneficial to use gentle skin care and cosmetics products recommended by your treating clinician
  • Follow instructions. We all know the value of following instructions when it comes to assembly and learning something new. However, instructions are valuable to your skin after cosmetic treatments, as well. It is important to remember that a peel or other resurfacing treatment is essentially a controlled injury that needs a little extra TLC until new cells have regenerated. To facilitate this goal, your clinician will provide you with care instructions. Follow them!

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